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Hochschule Bremen City, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Germany

The range of degree courses at the traditional institution in the heart of Bremen Neustadt – a central city location – is decidedly innovative and practically oriented. The Bremen University of Applied Sciences enjoys a long tradition that goes back to 1799.

Approximately 8,000 students enrol in over 60 degree courses in areas such as engineering, natural sciences, economics and social sciences; about two-thirds are required to complete semesters of study or praxis abroad. The University enjoys the benefits of cooperative agreements with 270 partners worldwide and the international component has become a trademark of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.


The BIM Programme at the Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences

The BIM programme (Business Studies / International Management Betriebswirtschaft / Internationales Management) has been designed to provide students with the academic qualification and practical skills required for upper positions involving international business management tasks. The study of business administration is closely linked to the study of two foreign languages (choosing from English, French and Spanish). This ensures that students do not only acquire a profound professional and methodical business education but also the communication skills and cross-cultural experience necessary for future international management posts. The BIM programme integrates the respective business and educational philosophies of all partner countries in a unique course of studies. Thus, BIM meets the theoretical, practical, cross-cultural and personal requirements of a modern international qualification.

The BIM programme was set up in 1988. BIM is characterised by following five quality features:

  1. BIM means an integrated course of study at home and abroad in a four-year programme.
  2. Within 2 plus 2 Model with a double degree students study for two years at the Hochschule Bremen and another two years at a university abroad. Studies take place in multinational groups.
  3. For participants of the programme the study of two European foreign languages (English, French, Spanish) is compulsory. Thus, students gain both business and regional knowledge of the English and French or Spanish speaking countries.
  4. Students gain international professional experience in two countries by completing an internship semester at home and one abroad in the fourth and in the seventh semester.
  5. The Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences is a member of the German-French University that supports the student exchange between Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences and Euromed Marseille as well as BIM projects and member of the Transatlantic Business School Alliance (TABSA) between the four European and two US-American partner universities.

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