University of Valencia (Universitat de València)

University of Valencia (Universitat de València)

Welcome to the University of Valencia: a space where knowledge, learning and experiences are combined; the passport to your future. The long, rich history of the University of Valencia founded in 1499 offers Valencian society and the world a cultural heritage which needs to be preserved and disseminated.

Today, the University of Valencia is an extraordinarily rich and complex organisation boasting a diversity of programmes and open to almost every branch of teaching, research and learning. We offer a wide range of studies, infrastructures and facilities, as well as specialised human resources, in an attempt to make learning and culture accessible to everyone.


About the Faculty of Economics (Facultat d'Economia)

The Economics and Business Faculty, created at the end of 1966, was to be in charge of Degrees in Administration and Business Management and Economics. In 2000 it became the Faculty of Economics and currently it is the largest centre at the University of Valencia (with over 5000 students), offering degrees in the areas of Business, Management, Tourism, Finance and Economics.

The faculty has strong relations with its social and economic surroundings, but also with other higher education institutions and partners worldwide. This helps us in the training of university students with a global vision.

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